UiPath Orchestrator Service

UiPath Orchestrator. Your Way

cloudControl from Blucap can help you and your Virtual Workforce grow by providing a supported platform that removes the need for in-house architecture, cuts cost thus accelerating your ROI, and ensures that your Robots are scheduled to work in the most efficient manner possible.


Offered in three flavours, cloudControl can be integrated into your Robotic Operating Model easily and swiftly


Blucap offer a fully-managed UiPath Orchestrator solution with dedicated support, priority ticket or phone access to Blucap’s RPA consultants, and the configuration and ongoing support and maintenance that your RPA implementation requires. Roll in 100% Network Uptime and 24/7/365 based platform support and you have a firm foundation for scheduling and controlling your RPA implementation.


Already up to speed with Orchestrator and have in house experts to manage your RPA activities? We offer a Platform Only solution, hosted in the UK with full 24/7/365 UK based platform support. Out Blucap Consultants are on hand if you need additional assistance and you have the same access to our support channels. Consultant support can be pre-paid or charged on a per request basis.


Already running UiPath Orchestrator or outgrowing our Managed Service? We can continue to support your UiPath Orchestrator function with a Service Management only package. We will continue to configure, schedule and manage your Robots on your own dedicated platform and licensing.

Ready for UiPath Orchestrator? Get in touch

The team at blucap are experts in consulting with all types of businesses from many industries. Our team will guide you through the implementation, configuration, and adoption of this powerful, cost effective RPA technology

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