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Are Robots Secure?

RPA Robots can be thought of Virtual Trainees. In the same way you would restrict access to a human operator you only provide the Robot with the access it needs to do its job. In addition, as a Robot will only ever follow its programmed role and is never inquisitive. A properly implemented RPA solution can increase the security of your processes.

Is RPA really as straightforward as the software vendors make it sound?

Yes and No. For simple processes somebody with an understanding of flowcharting and some initial training can get good results. For more complex processes, regardless of which software you use, there are often significant technical challenges which demand experience and expertise to overcome.

I can see the benefits of using RPA but do I need to involve my IT function before I can realise them?

RPA will not require you to change your existing applications and typically needs different skills than those usually available in IT organisations. You could therefore realise the benefits independently of your IT people, but it is far better to make them aware of the opportunity and address issues such as: operation, security and the need to install RPA software in advance.

Will RPA restore my self-respect and fill the yawning chasm where my soul should be?